Thursday, February 7, 2008


It has been the desire of our honorable customers to find a way to get all the little culinary secrets from us for a long time. With the assistance of 21st century communication technology, this blog will be here 24/7 ready to answer all your questions.

In 1992, SALAMAT opened its doors to the Athenian residents and since then has constantly been thriving to cover all parts of the Asian cuisine. Even the rarest of food ingredients can be found and a multinational staff is always prepared to assist you in any possible way. Well known food brands from Thailand, Japan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and other parts of Asia are available as well as fresh tropical fruits and vegetables imported weekly, directly from suppliers in Asia. Other than the food products, cooking utensil and kitchenware are also on sale.

We are located at 24, Korinthias Str., Ampelokipi, Athens, Greece. Tel. 210 7796766. Working hours: Mon-Sat 9-21 / Sun 10-18.

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Nefeli said...

Hello. I am in Nea Smyrni and, due to health issues, have problems being mobile. Do you deliver? And do you have an online catalogue of your food items? Thank you.